Having attained the role as Training Director with a new organisation, one of my first
duties was to interview and appoint Head of Department positions within the revised
organisational structure. The candidates were drawn from internal applicants only,
leaving me faced with a number of strong alternatives, each with prior history of the
organisation. As such, I found it difficult to recruit an interview panel within the
executive management that could claim an objective, unbiased point of view.

So I asked Paul Booth to help me out.

I have known Paul for some years as a friend, artist and teaching colleague, and had some
insight into his corporate training and executive profiling skills.

Paul proved to be the alchemist’s stone in this interview process. His natural approach
brought all candidates to ease, allowing them to drop any facade and respond openly and
with integrity to the interview process, while at the same time allowing him to take them
down lines of questioning that journeyed outside the expected boxes an applicant might
anticipate and prepare a planned response to. At all times, this was done with trust
and respect.

Through Paul’s invisible leadership of the process, the strongest candidate revealed
themselves, allowing appointments based entirely on current merit and fit to purpose for
the future aims of the company, without personal or historical bias.

In addition, following each selection process, Paul was then also able to identify the
challenges each succesful candidate would hold for me, as their direct manager. This last
advice has helped me immensely to understand and successfully manage my staff, and
build corporate collegiality in the challenging task of organisational change and

Paul Booth is a unique consultant in a niche field. I highly reccomend him.

Rob Doran
Training Director
Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts