Corporate Training: one to a group


Training and development is the field, which is concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. (Wikipedia)We help people grow. TLI’s aim is to build long-term relationships with its clients to help them create developmental pathways after identifying a need. We are a learning and development company helping people better understand themselves and others in order to create happy, focused, energised and productive work places. “Acknowledging and accepting difference in others is the key to creating effective work relationships with your clients internally and externally.” Paul Booth has developed TLI’s unique approach and training strategies ensuring positive outcomes based on understanding the client needs and expectations. TLI will provide value to your organisation in three specific and measurable ways:

  • By helping leaders successfully negotiate complexity, diversity & change in their business and their people
  • By increasing revenue and profitability through improved sales performance
  • By improving employee retention and engagement

We help people identify what kind of leader they want to be.
After careful analysis of your business gaps and needs, we tailor training options to help your business grow through your people. With these sharper tools, you and your organisation will be provided with greater flexibility in achieving your business outcomes.
“Your people are your greatest asset.”  Paul Booth.
TLI Course Feedback:
“Heavy on the practical – great!!! Just what we needed!!!”
“Powerful and relevant. The coaching (individual and group) made new skills that can stick.”
“As always, Paul excites, entertains and brings about behaviour change and dramatic learning through his ability to engage and stretch the participants.”