Enneagram Workshop

Understanding self to understand others.  enneagram The Enneagram is a profound ancient oral tradition framework for understanding personality.The Enneagram is a useful tool for clinically assessing Management Style and determining its impact on team dynamics. It is a powerful tool in coaching because it not only reveals strengths and weaknesses; it describes the complex interplay of psychology that occurs in individuals amongst teams.In organisations the Enneagram will:

  • Assist in an understanding of what you can expect from your people.
  • Understand the patterns of their behaviour.
  • Discover motivators and drivers
  • Help achieve the best outcomes as you work toward your business goals with your people.
  • Create self-awareness.
  • Promote an understanding of others.
  • Heighten insight to the skills required to ensure your people are able to work with, respect and acknowledge difference, in self and others.

Unlike Psychometric tests used by psychologists in Organisational Development (e.g. MMPI) which assess dysfunctional behaviours, the Enneagram assesses normal and high functioning members of your organisation to map their behaviours, identify what motivates and distresses them, and describe each persons ‘growth edge’. Questions most asked about the Enneagram Framework in business are: “Which type is most suitable for a specific role/job? Or “How can we build an ideal team?” The answer is “Find mature human beings.” “People aren’t hired for their personality; they are hired for their skills and past experience.” In association with the Australian Institute of Enneagram studies we offer programs to your organisation to determine the personality type of your people in order to enhance their communication effectiveness, perform well on teams, manage conflict and lead with compassion. The Enneagram Personality Framework is only useful and effective if Type is clinically assessed and validated. Type should not be self-selected; it can only be determined via a clinical assessment by a trained Enneagram practitioner. TLI consultants are certified Enneagram practitioners registered with the AIES, whose method for clinically assessing type is rigorous and accurate.