Sequenom Asia Pacific (and subsequently other groups in the Sequenom global business)
engaged Paul Booth from TLI to become more focused and better trained in delivering
technical marketing seminars.

Sequenom’s business is supplying genetic analysis solutions, including instruments,
reagents and services for use in genetic research studies across a broad range of genetic
applications. Marketing Sequenom’s technology and capabilities is generally performed
through detailed technical seminars, workshops and meetings to scientific experts in
the field.

TLI assisted Sequenom in clarifying the delivered message, generating more engaging
visual aids and to deliver well-structured and polished presentations. Sequenom staff
found TLI’s Presentation Skills Workshop to be highly informative and practical based, for
both novice and highly experienced presenters alike. This workshop would be of use to
anyone who delivers technical marketing seminars.

Dr Darryl Irwin
Manager – Applications & Technology
Sequenom Asia Pacific