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Paul has a rare talent to disarm the innate defences that trigger within us all when true
exploration of ones personal leadership style is begun.
My personal journey with Paul as a coach has delivered real results for me and the
business. My communication weaknesses were also weaknesses within the business,
Paul has conducted exceptional workshop style targeted group sessions at two leadership
levels within the business. Our people who participated have voted Paul one of the best
sessions ever and clamored for more.

Brett Lee
CEO Industrial/Operations
The WorkPac Group

Having worked with Paul on a number of different projects, both as a facilitator and as a
leadership coach during 2011, I can honestly say his versatility is outstanding. As a
facilitator, the content and structure of each of his programmes is always of a high
standard and he tailors his approach depending on the particular targeted outcomes
required. As a leadership coach he focuses in on where you are at, both personally and
professionally, and structures his sessions to ensure the right result; whether that is
opening your eyes to a new way of doing things, or as a reminder of what you need to do
day-to-day to get the best from yourself and your team. His delivery is very professional
and highly relevant and feedback from our people who have experienced one of his
sessions is extremely positive.

I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a partner who will truly engage with their
business to drive leadership excellence, both on an individual level as well as creating a
strong, unified leadership team.

Lindy Morris
Group General Manager • Culture and Development • Corporate Services
The WorkPac Group

We’ve been working with Paul Booth for over 2 years and during that time he showed a
great depth of knowledge and excellent group communication skills.

I’m very impressed with his ability to tailor coaching to match individual needs.

Paul has made a big difference to those people at WorkPac he has worked with.

Elena Moran
Executive Assistant
The WorkPac Group